Player Customization

Player Blackjack

Vegas Technology software offers its players a number of different player options to choose from to customize their games the way they want. These options can be found in the menu in either the main lobby or within a game they may be playing. Most players prefer to customize each game differently, so customizing is usually better within each game. Depending on the game you’re customizing, options will vary, and it’s worth the time to see which ones are available for each.

In the slot games the software provides the player an option to resize the screen and enable or disable two sound options. Slot games aren’t much fun with the sound turned off, and it makes for a better experience if you resize the screen. There are a couple of options that can speed up the rate of play of the games, but they take away most of the fun of playing. Players have the choice to disable the animation options of the game. That means that the reels don’t spin and the new symbols appear instantly without waiting for the reels to stop. The other option is to use the auto-play button. Once again the rate of play is sped up, but the fun of playing is lost.

In blackjack the player options are a lot like the ones for the slot games, and include sound options, animation, and screen size. Players can enable screen re-size to play in full screen mode or disable it if they want the Windows Toolbar to stay on the screen. Volume options include two choices – background sound and game sound. The game sound is the sound of the dealer’s actions, including talk. The background sound consists of music, and there are four volume settings to choose from.

Like in the slots games, the player has the option to turn off the animation. This results in the cards being dealt face up and the rate of play increasing. Also like in the slots games, this option to turn off your animation isn’t very popular because it takes away from the anticipation of playing the game.

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