Top 5 Baccarat variants played around the world

Top 5 Baccarat variants

With the demand of this game, there are other five variants. In this article, we will discuss the details of Baccarat variants.

Baccarat is one of the most widely played casino games around the globe. Most gamblers prefer it as it doesn’t need any skills and provides some of the best odds.

2 to 1 Baccarat

This variety is similar to the classic one, although with few modifications. The major difference is that you don’t charge a 5% commission on your winning wagers. Having a winning 3-card total, the payoff of both the player and the banker bets will be 2:1. The ties here are objected to as losses and are not pushed forward. In this variant, the player’s house edge is 3.62%, and the banker’s house edge will be 2.2%. It’s best to remain with the banker’s bet.

7 up Baccarat

This variation is mostly played in Asian countries. As the name suggests, the players’ hand always starts with a 7. Like classic Baccarat, the banker’s hand also gets two cards in this variant. There is a payoff at 1:2 for the player if they get an entire of 7, or else the payoff will be on even money. If the banker didn’t get a total of 7, the payoff would be on even money, or it would be 9:5. You won’t even obtain the first card if you run across this variant. For a starting hand, the player is dealt an additional card. This variant also delivers a side bet known as “Super Sevens.” The more 7s seen on the table, the more bet will be played this side. The player’s and banker’s house edges are 2.6 and 2.56 percent, respectively.


It is a hybrid combination of Blackjack and Baccarat, mostly played in Australia. The scoring and the playing style against the dealer are the same as Baccarat, whereas it turns into a jackpot when the player and the dealer get two cards. In that scenario, you can either stand out or take another card. If played with a proper strategy, the house edge of BAccpo is 3.02% which is quite high. There are also a few side bets in the game.

EZ Baccarat

This variation is quite well known for the banker’s bet. Here, the banker plays at even money without that 5% commission. If the banker gets 7 bet wins in this variant, the game is pushed instead of win. Surprisingly, the player’s house edge is significantly better than the banker’s house edge, which is 1.02%. It has two prominent side bets, namely Dragon 7 and Panda 8.

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Three Card Baccarat

Here, the player and the banker’s hands start with three cards. Face cards play a prominent role in this variant. The ties here are broken based on the number of face cards. The results are pushed when the total points and the number of face cards are similar on each hand.

With the classic Baccarat, you can now enjoy the five variants with their spice and flavor. Try out all and select your favorite variant amongst them.

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