Some misconceptions about live casino experience

about live casino experience

These live casino misconceptions are finally debunked by the specialists. It is high time for you to stop believing in this real dealer gaming myths, guys.

It’s been almost a decade since the live casino games have become parts of the internet gambling. Nowadays, everyone is tempted to switch from the classical slot section and to check out how things are going in the poker rooms or if there’s a new free seat in the Auto Roulette table.

Although live casino games are not new to use, it seems that we don’t know absolutely everything about them. If we did, all of these misconceptions wouldn’t have existed yet:

  1. The casino cheats you mainly with live dealer games. Once the big myth of the rigged classical casino games disappeared it was about time to see that players will be deluded with a new myth to appear. And since the new casino activity is focused on the live casino games it was logical to call them rigged right away. However, the way the ordinary virtual games are checked for fair play is the way the online live casino games are preliminarily investigated, too.
  2. No matter what live casino game you play it always works to count the cards. By all means, if you are a master of counting cards then you will become a very successful Blackjack player. But why do you need to apply this strategy in Baccarat? And will you be able to hit the win with this tactic in all of the poker formats? No, not all the live casino games require from you to have such a skill. It just doesn’t work with all of the live dealer games.
  3. The newer the live casino game is the more profitable it is. There is no such a trend at all. The live casino games are related with RNG software, which means that the outcome is randomly selected by a computer. This computer doesn’t care when it was started and how old the game is. You either win due to luck or you hit a successful night due to your amazing skills if you are playing such a game at all.
  4. The RTP in live games is quite smaller than the one in the standard casino lobby within the website you are registered. It is also lower than the one in the standard physical ground landed casino. There is no such a thing. Some operators are indeed a bit tight when it comes to live casino RTP rate. But if you check out its slot selection you will see that most of the games there are with nearly 92% RTP which is quite low, too, right?

These misconceptions might be ruining your experience in live dealer casino games. So we strongly recommend you to stop believing in everything you read in the internet. Always double check the facts that sound a bit weird or close to myths.

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