Progressive Poker- Is It Worth Your Time?

Progressive Poker

You have surely seen or heard of the Progressive poker games. What does it mean, and is it as entertaining as regular online poker? Read on to know more. 

As an exploring gamer, you might have searched and tried your hands on every game available in a casino. Video poker might have also drawn your attention, and you might want to try that too. But, what has grabbed your attention completely is the progressive poker game. 

These days, you can check out every major casino offering Progressive poker titles, and the word that catches you is ‘progressive.’ You know that this means huge money and success all the way. But this is what you can also do when you go for online football betting also. So, what makes these Progressive titles special?

Make Big in Less Time

This is, by far, the biggest reason for gamers to play Progressive Poker titles. The game may not have a fixed amount to receive at the end. That is to say, that you can start under the impression that you will earn $10 and end up receiving $100 instead. It shows that your chances of making a bigger payout are higher. 

Less Risky than Other Games

There would be naysayers and no-big fans of poker who might deter you and ask you not to bet in any progressive poker game. They would say that while the game would pay well, the house edge would be around 6 to 7%, and the volatility or chance to win would be less. The answer is no, the volatility in the case of progressive poker is still manageable and not like how you would treat a progressive slot game. The risk is less, and so it currently draws many new and first-time gamers to bet there. 

Look for the Break-Even Point

Yes, this BE point or Break Even point would be the time when you can expect a 100% return on investment. You can expect to guess how much you can earn from this point. If this BE point is less, then do not go for that progressive jackpot title. This deduction will depend on how much you want to earn and what strategies you have in mind. But whatever is the case, unless you are happy earning lesser than your bet value, stay away from the game when the BE point is low. 

Manage the Bankroll Well

A lot of your strategizing would depend on how much you want to bet. Many might be easily spending a fortune of as much as 5 to 10 credits per hand. If you are in a progressive jackpot game, you can expect to get great pay. However, the risk you are taking is 250 to 1, and this is where many might want to hit a royal flush. However, if you are not willing to take the risk that far, do not take it at all. 

A progressive jackpot is worth your time if you can handle all of these pointers with ease and not regret it at any time. There are several guides available online for you to help in strategizing and money management in the game. Refer those before you bet anywhere. 

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