We asked 20 workers about the top casino secrets and they gave us 15 curious facts

20 workers about the top casino secrets

Did you know these judi online facts? See what secrets casino workers shared with us.

A few weeks ago we have decided to arrange a conversation with workers from today’s gambling industry. For this purpose we have gathered 20 of them. It was a big fun communicating with these people, because they knew things we don’t know and they disclose to us secrets we could not even imagine about casinos.

Some of these employees work in traditional land-based casinos across the whole world. Others represent the customer support service and the administration in the judi online companies. These people literally have different job obligations. What is common for all of them, though, is that were totally kind and ready to give us a hint about a couple of secrets related with gambling.

We gathered 20 casino workers. They gave us the following 15 secrets to know:

  1. Offline casinos are designed in a way to let you forget about the world outside. This is how you gamble more.
  2. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is not just another smart saying. As a matter of fact, a lot of the local casinos have policy for confidential information about very visitor’s activity.
  3. Policemen are not directly involved in controlling the illegal casino activity or player’s cheats. They do the final, the dirty work after being warned by casino regulators.
  4. There’s a tendency according to which if you don’t tip a damn during a visit in an offline casino you will lose everything. 90% of the cases say it’s true.
  5. Even playing slot games means having a solid strategy. Even lottery games require some tactic. Nothing is only gambling.
  6. The more you spend in a casino the bigger your final income will be. Unfortunately, limited budgets don’t lead to anywhere.
  7. About 90% of today’s online betting houses are actually owned and managed by old dogs from the world of gambling offline industry.
  8. Women are better in casino bankroll management system. However, they tend to lose more because of their emotions.
  9. About every third beginner in the field wins more during his first online or offline casino visit in comparison to the pros who’s been playing at the same time and in the same games.
  10. You cannot beat the house edge. It’s how casinos win money so you cannot take their salaries for a win, too!
  11. People are watching at you. But not all of the monitoring steps are due to safety measures. Marketing goals are also involved.
  12. The bartenders are as important as the croupiers. Some casino workers claim that they get similar salaries.
  13. There’s such a thing as death due to gambling. Usually, it’s caused because of heart attack or lack of sleep.
  14. No one cares if you are counting the cards. About every second card player does it with no problems.
  15. Private poker rooms have nothing to do with official casinos. They are in most cases arranged by the players.

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