Let’s talk about lottery games with facts

lottery games with facts

Have a look at our today’s list with some really curious togel Singapore facts you would want to hear. These lottery truths will blow your mind.

About every third from seven lottery players claim that there’s a formula through which they can win the jackpot. Almost none of them have ever won in the biggest togel Singapore lottery website game or from any physical ticket.

To predict the right numbers in a drawing regardless of the concrete lottery game is to us, impossible. But to listen to the real facts about lottery games can offer us a lot. This information can be applied in our lottery activity not exactly directly, but through an insight every one of you can make and have.

So let’s not waste even more time, but instead try to enrich our poor culture regarding lottery as a gambling form. Here are some facts you might want to know about the lottery games.

  1. The meaning behind the lottery word is very complicated. Basically, the word of lottery that can be linked to its today’s meaning is actually the Italian lotto which comes from the name of the first local lottery game arranged in the country. But the lottery word is actually not even an English one, but a Dutch one. It originates from the word “lot” which is not “many”, but translated as “fate”.
  2. Do you know what the most popular ball that has been drawn for the last couple of years or to be more specific since the beginning of the lottery games on the globe? It’s actually 38! Many lottery lovers who have been in the business for a long time always add it to their combinations of numbers.
  3. One of the biggest tips ever – nearly 17 thousand of USD – has a lot to do with the lottery games. A patron has made a tip at this amount to a 25-year old bartender in Oregon. This is a pair of Keno tickets, and one of those tickets turned out to be worth that much! Awesome, isn’t it?
  4. More than half of today’s existing lotteries these days don’t pay the jackpot winner only, but the second winner, too. Moreover, the second place in most of the cases is quite huge. Please, note that we are talking about all possible lottery games, including the biggest casino lottery sections with drawings every day and some of the exotic Asian lottery websites.
  5. There’s a guy from the USA – we will not say his name – who used to win absolutely every week from the lottery (not the jackpot of course) within a whole month. These are four wins in a row with one week of a break from winning and one more month with weekly winnings.

We believe that right now you might be more motivated than before reading the article to buy a lottery ticket. Then, we have done our job. And we truly wish you lots of luck!

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